Singing around the table!!唄声パブナイト+ウクレレクラブ

Singing around the table!! with Felicity
ファシリテーター Felicity Greenland


★Ukulele Club ウクレレクラブ
Ukulele Club at Gnome. Beginners welcome. We are going to play from 6pm - 8pm before Singing Around the Table. We have some ukuleles to lend.


Forthcoming dates for Singing Around the Table 8-10pm and Ukulele Club 6-8pm


No Charge! Every one welcome!
Traditional songs from Ireland and Britain in English.
Song sheet available.

We'll continue the NEW FORMAT - just a few songs, some in English, some in Japanese, in a bit more depth. As previously there will be NO STAGE - to enable more musicians to join ad hoc and try to accompany the songs.

By the way, from 6pm some people will be practicing mouth music (fun, rhythmic songs in short, repetitive phrases). If you would like to try that too please come a bit early - anytime after 6pm.

If you have an instrument please bring it.
If you have a song to bring, please do - please teach us.

Hope to see you there!
by kyoto_gnome | 2014-12-21 13:56 | その他のお知らせ
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